Friday, October 30, 2009

Ukrop's Saturday Only Specials - 10/31/09

There are a few specials tomorrow (Saturday) at Ukrop's for that day only.  It wasn't posted on the website, but one of the managers told me about them and then gave me a copy of his homemade flyer to take home.  I told him that I knew all 8 of my blog followers were eagerly anticipating this late breaking Ukrop's news.   :)

Dickies Fully Cooked Deviled Crabs 2pk - 2 for $5 (regular retail $3.99 each)
3lb bags of Virginia Red Delicious or Golden Delicious Apples - $1.88 a bag (regular retail $2.99)
 Pepsi 6 pks of the 16.9 oz bottles - $1.88 a 6-pk (regular retail $3.49)
(I think all Pepsi products are included in this deal, they were bringing out a pallet of Dr. Pepper when I got off work.)

These deals are in addition to the already advertised Saturday-only specials:
Ukrop's Skim, 1%, 2% Milk Gallons - $2.49

Ukrop's Whole Milk Gallon or Full Circle Organic Milk Half Gallon - $2.59

Happy Shopping!


Marian said...

Thanks Ann, Tess loves apples & milk and I love Pepsi so we can't lose!!

Judi B said...

Thanks Ann. I like that you're helping us out with some matchups and deal alerts at Ukrops.