Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shopping this week - BJ's & Costco

I wrote a blog on Tuesday about whether or not warehouse shopping is worth the cost of membership. I went to both BJ's and Costco this week. This is a picture of the grocery items I bought at both places. We also bought a bake at home Unos pizza. Steve and the girls ate that for dinner Tuesday night while I was at work. It was so big we finished it for lunch on Wednesday.

BJ's (accepts manufacturer coupons):
Mt. Olive Dill Pickle Chips (2 quarts) - $3.39
Unos Pizza - $6.99
Nestle Chocolate Chips (72 oz bag) - $6.29
(3) half gallons of Organic whole milk - $2.99 each
(3) twin packs (so 6 half gallons) of Silk Plain soy milk - $3.39 each (or $1.69 a half gallon)
Final Price (before tax): $35.81

50 pound bag of bread flour - $14
4 pounds of butter - $5.89 (1.47 a pound)
1 dozen Einstein bagels - $4.99
10 whole vanilla beans - $11.99
Final Price (before tax): $36.87


Miriam said...

Will you use the bread flour for making your own bread? Also, what are you going to do with the vanilla beans? I didn't see any vodka for making vanilla extract :P

Ann said...

I do bake my own bread. I am also making friendship bread for Rebecca's wedding this month. The vanilla beans - I bought 2 whole beans (that is how they were package) last year to make Steve creme brulee for Valentine's - they were $8!!!! When I found 10 for ~$12 I felt like it was a great deal and they had a best by date of 7/2011. I may make more creme brulee, or just add one to a container of sugar for vanilla sugar. If you have any recipes feel free to share.