Monday, October 19, 2009


I am fortunate to only work one day a week. I wanted to work a minimal amount after Natalie was born so that I could keep myself current in pharmacy and talk to people in complete sentences. :) I like working part-time, but I really enjoy the days that I am a stay-at-home mom.

Today was one of those days - both girls were just so cute today.

Megan, now 16 months old, is starting to really talk now. We were playing together while dinner was in the oven. I play a game with the girls where we do silly things like make faces and then tell the girls they are silly. Tonight Megan started telling me I was silly. She said it again when she realized I didn't catch what she was saying. When I realized it I repeated it to her and then she just started laughing soon we both were laughing at each other.

Natalie, who will be 4 in December, stood up on a stool today in the kitchen while I was making our lunch - grilled cheese and tomato soup. She told me that she wanted to watch me so that she could learn how to be a mom. I asked, "What does a mom do?" She replied, "All kinds of things, like she takes care of girls, makes grilled cheese, makes bread, plays outside with us."

Her response was definitely prompted by the things we had done that day, or we were getting ready to do after lunch (make bread & play outside). [On a side note, this afternoon was the first time we were able to go outside and play on the grass in our new backyard.] Her answer did make me think. I am home most days with them so that I can watch them learn things, and hit milestones, but also so that they can have memories of me and things that we can do and play together. I hope that when they are all grown-up and on their own that they will look back on days like today and remember playing together, making bread and just laughing together. It is also what I need to remember when they want me to read to them or play and I have "something" that I "have to do".

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