Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How about them apples?

I know that the 5 "followers" of my blog have probably wondered where I have been. It has been almost a week since my last blog entry. I have been researching and learning how to make and can my own applesauce and apple butter. It really has not been hard and after I gathered the necessary equipment it is just a time investment.

I thought about learning to can the end of this summer, right when the last of the Ukrop's peaches were gone. They were so juicy and yummy - and when they were gone I wished I had figured out a way to keep them to enjoy them all year long. I even found a canner set on clearance at Target and bought it for when I wanted to try canning something. I thought about trying my hand at making my own applesauce and then realized that you get apple butter from applesauce. I thought I would get a head start on some homemade goodies for neighbors, family, and friends for Christmas.

If you want to make applesauce you need apples. What better way to get fresh apples than to pick them yourself.

Here are some pictures from our afternoon apple picking at Carter's Mountain:

Natalie being really careful not to drop the apples and bruise them.

Megan learned really quick how to pick an apple.

An apple you just picked is a great snack - just a side note don't they look cute in their matching outfits. :)

They enjoyed a ride in a wagon to the car with all of our apples (and the apple cider donuts)- they really did enjoy the ride even though their aren't showing it in this picture.

Natalie posing with all of the apples we picked and bought at Carter's Mountain (~53 pounds). One another side note she wanted to make a silly face for the picture.

You will have to "tune in next time" to find out how my journey of learning how to make applesauce, apple butter, and canning has gone. I am still in the middle of the process. Sorry about the cliff hanger, but I am going to bed.

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